The Evolution of Villa Fusion Ownership

The origins of Shared Ownership

Community of owners refers to the legal sharing of a second property with multiple owners under an arrangement which allocates usage rights of the property to each owner. This offer is a significant lifestyle enrichment as it gives an owner access to and a share in a luxury property at a fraction of the full cost. The concept covers schemes under which a single property is owned by a fixed number of owners. The community of ownership structure gives each owner a true ‘bricks and mortar’ share in the property by having their name on the Title Deed of the property. It is the same as if you purchased an apartment. The same rules and regulations apply but instead of buying an apartment you are purchasing a portion of a luxury villa.

Innovating Ownership

How Villa Fusion Works

Statistics show that most people only use their holiday home 17-30 days each year. Community ownership is attractive because it allows people to own only a share of a home rather than the entire property.

To provide peace of mind and ensure this is a worthwhile investment, each Villa Fusion share owner will have their names on the Title Deeds, with a maximum number of six shares per property.

Shared Ownership Rental Benefit
Villa Fusion Beach Sunset

Villa Fusion Shared Ownership Benefits

Innovating Ownership

Reduced Buying Costs

Buying a share of a Villa Fusion property means the buyer pays only a fraction of the cost of the entire property. In addition, the costs of building or renovating, furnishing and outfitting will be shared.

Fractional Ownership - Villa Fusion
Title Deed Fractional Ownership unique to Villa Fusion
Innovating Ownership

Legal Deed Ownership

The most important aspect of Villa Fusion ownership. Your name will be on the legal title deeds. This provides peace of mind and 100% legal transparency. Each share is legally covered under Spanish law, enabling you to maximise your enjoyment of your property.

Innovating Ownership

Reduced Running Costs

Ownership involves property tax and maintenance, including costs of replacing furniture. A holiday home is complex because of intermittent usage and the distance from the owner, requiring a local management company. Villa Fusion ensure’s sharing the cost and effort of operating dramatically lightens all these burdens.

Fractional Ownership by Villa Fusion
Rental Potential with Fractional Ownership from Villa Fusion
Innovating Ownership

Rental Income Opportunity

Javea and Moraira are extremely popular holiday destinations, visited by over 27 nationalities on an annual basis. The region also offers 300 days of sunshine per year which is extremely attractive. You have complete freedom to fully manage and rent your Villa Fusion ownership share to provide a return on your investment

Innovating Ownership

Diversification of Investment and Destination

Villa Fusion ownership allows the money that would be needed to own and operate a single home, be spread over two or more households. This lowers investment risk and increases the likelihood of profit by giving exposure to multiple real estate markets. Owning homes in multiple locations provides holiday options each year. The Javea and Moraira regions of the Costa Blanca are currently embracing an increase in property prices due to buyer demand.

Our Fractional Ownership product is located in Moraira
Moraira Costa Fractional Ownership by Villa Fusion
Innovating Ownership

Villa Fusion's Clear Exit Strategy

Villa Fusion offers two transparent exit strategies for your investment:

Option 1: Since you are 1/6 owner of the property you can simply ask our real estate partner to resell your part of the property. The new owner will buy you out of your portion of the property and they will continue in your place.

Option 2: After an 8 year period all the owners are contractually obligated to sell the entire property and each owner will receive their share including the relevant capital growth of their share. We have set the maximum ownership of the property at eight years since this is when the asset would need to be refreshed and refurnished. It is also a sensible period of time for the owners to enjoy the property and then if you wish to upgrade or move on to a new holiday home or destination you are free to do so.

Both options are clearly defined exit strategies and give you the reassurance that no matter what you are free to sell on your share at anytime and if you wish to use the property for the full 8 years the entire property is sold and you get your initial investment plus the capital growth.