Can’t decide between the beautiful locations of Moraira or Javea for your Villa Fusion holiday home? We have properties in both destinations. Villa Stella is our first property based in Moraira, which is currently under construction for an availability date of March 2018. Villa Tara and Villa Caroline (our Villa Fusion New-Builds) will be situated on the exquisite Javea Coast. We will go much further into Moraira in our next blog post. Javea is our featured paradise today and we would love to give you an overview into this stunning region.

An overview for the stunning location of Javea

Located between Cap de la Nao and Cap de San Antoni national park, Jávea is widely regarded as the most sought after destination on the Costa Blanca. Jávea boasts over ten kilometres of award winning golden beaches and coves, complimented by three hundred days of sunshine per year, making it the perfect location for our Villa Fusion range.

Along with Cala Granadella beach, Montgó Mountain is regarded as one of Jávea’s most impressive landmarks. At a height of 753 meters, the majestic Montgó Mountain and its surrounding plains provide a beautiful preserved landscape. The bio-geographical position of the Montgó Mountain provides clarity of air and climate proven to be beneficial to health as stated by the World Health Organisation (Rightmove, 2015).

The thriving town has a rich cultural historic quarter, featuring phenomenal architecture and authentic Spanish culture. The old town also maintains its original medieval layout and centrepiece. There is an authentic harbour, which still functions for fishing and has spectacular views across the bay. Many of the local traditional festivals are carried out here, making it a memorable experience.

Portixol Bay is another highlight of Jávea, offering views to Ibiza and beaches that are unrivalled in water quality and clarity. Jávea is ideally located and has proven health advantages. The Spanish lifestyle, Mediterranean diet and a relaxed pace of life add to the appeal of Jávea, making it the jewel of the Costa Blanca and perfect for a second home!

Although Villa Fusion’s first property is in the beautiful location of Moraira, we also have many options for shared ownership properties in Javea.

The Property Market in Javea

The property market in Javea is very healthy with a noticeable year on year trend of property price increases. These stable and consistent increases demonstrate a sensible investment opportunity. The average house price in Jávea and Moraira has seen a rise of 18.7% on the previous year (Kyero, 2015).

Jávea maintains its core Spanish culture and this is seen as a very attractive selling point by the twenty-seven nationalities that make up 53.2% of Javea’s population. The broad range of nationalities that inhabit Javea ensure that property value is consistent and a good long-term investment. The population of Javea has grown over 30% since 2000, amounting to an increase of 8,500 people.

The increase in population demonstrates just how desirable Jávea is as a location within the global real estate market. The local population is numbered at 33,000 residents as of 2015 within a region of over 70km2 (Government Provincial Alicante. 2015).

Local government building acts have ensured that Jávea will maintain it’s upper market appeal by not over saturating the region with high-rise tower blocks. Jávea is perfect for clients wishing to experience Spanish life on a holiday basis throughout the year.

Making a rental return on your Villa Fusion investment

Purchasing a share in your very own Villa Fusion property has many benefits. Renting out your share when you wish provides a consistent simple income option. At Villa Fusion, we believe in total transparency in regards to your legally owned share. You have total control in your ability to rent your shares. The figures below highlight just how much potential renting has in this region, should you decide to seek extra income.

Tourism in Spain is flourishing. The direct contribution of travel and tourism to Spanish GDP was EUR62.1bn (5.8% of total GDP) in 2015 and is forecast to rise by 3.4% in 2016. It will further rise by 2.1% per annum, from 2016-2026, to EUR 78.8bn in 2026. (World Travel & Tourism Council. 2016).

This is also reflected within the published statistics from the Ministry of Tourism for 2015. Spain had 68.1 million foreign tourists, providing an increase of 4.9% on the previous year (Ministerio De Industria, Energia y Turismo. 2016).

Of the 68.1 million tourists, 21.6% were British, 16.1% were French and 11.3% were German. When placed within the parameters of the local region, the Valencia Community hosted 6,493,965 tourists in 2015, amounting to 9.53%. The data on British tourism popularity mirrors that of BDRC Continental research, which released the most popular destination for British tourists in 2015 as Spain (BDRC Continental.2015).

These conditions complimented with the increasing popularity and desirability of Javea offer a strong investment opportunity in the rental market. Javea’s population of 33,000 (Government Provincial Alicante. 2015) also rapidly increases to near 100,000 during the summer seasons.

Increasingly, English, French, German and Dutch clientele are forming the majority of the market. There is also an extremely strong domestic Spanish market for Jávea. This wide range of clientele provides security for the market and consistency for long-term investment and rental opportunities.


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